Do you ever think to yourself, ‘Gah, I WISH I was somewhere else right now’? And get total anxiety about not being there. What’s the best way to manage anxiety?

What if I told you that you could be? Without actually being there? 

Here is a tip I learned a long time ago. It helps to manage stress and overcome anxiety by visualizing a situation and how you want that situation to go. It’s an awesome technique that works every time. It also works if you’re in a situation where you just need some space. 

This technique works brilliantly if you’re struggling to sleep. It is my go-to for sure. I picture myself, as I’m lying there in bed trying and want to stop tossing and turning, I picture myself getting on a plane. It needs to be in as much detail as possible. I always fly first class in my visualizations (there’s much more legroom and the food is way better, plus it’s always free) and I imagine myself chilling out on the reclining seats. I press all the buttons too, that I know they have on first-class flights because I’ve seen them via YouTube airline review videos. 

I choose what I want to eat from the menu and settle in with a good film. The air hostess brings over a glass of cold, crisp, champagne. Beautiful. Sometimes I make it to the beach the other side and imagine the warm sand massaging my back and the cold ice cream in my hand. 

Before I know it I wake up. 

You can also use it if you have an event coming up that you’re nervous about. The time leading up to my wedding was some of the biggest anxiety I’d ever felt. Knowing I’d have to walk down that aisle with everyone staring at me terrified me. 

‘What if I trip up?’ 

‘What if my shoes fall off?’ 

‘What if I’m sick because I’m so nervous?!’ 

‘What if I forget my own name?’ 

‘What if I forget HIS name?! 

All flew repeatedly through my mind. How do you stop thoughts like that? One technique is to visualize. 

I imagined myself walking down that aisle. It was exactly how I wanted it to be. The music was playing, everyone was smiling, I walked down (in my heels!) and met my partner at the end. I could smell flowers – which was weird because I had artificial flowers – and I could also hear the clinking of glasses somewhere. 

I visualized it so much and so strongly that when it came time to walk down the aisle for real, I felt like I’d already done it. I was hardly anxious at all. I recommend that to anyone. 

Day-to-day, other than using it to fall asleep, I use it to visualize all the things I need to do. I imagine myself getting them all done. No fear, no anxiety. It is the best tip I ever picked up was to imagine. 

So often our minds make up stories in our heads leading us to worry and stress about situations that have never happened and probably will never happen. It’s important for us to train our minds to show us things we want to see, not the fake stories it makes up to scare us. 

Try it out and let me know how you get on in the comments.


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