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Kadeena Cox
"Thanks again for the opportunity to contribute to your podcast!"
Radio 1 DJ
Scott Mills
"Looking foward to being a part of it!"
7x Ironman, author and speaker
Conor Devine
"I am both excited and a little frightened by what comes out of my mouth" - Marisa Boasa
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My 'Dealing with Literal Loneliness' blog
National MS Society
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My 'MS Vs Airport Assistance' blog featured on
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My 'The Truth About Using A Disabled Badge' Blog
MS Society
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My illustration on Fatigue! For MS-UK
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Cover of New Pathways Magazine with my illustration
Double page feature in Momentum Magazine
^ Derbyshire live article
<Left: MS Matters Magazine article
^ Mail On Sunday Article
My Story
Being diagnosed at 22 at the start of my career was hard, especially as I lost the use of the left side of my body but I somehow eventually found it in myself to turn things around and use MS as a tool to give other people new help and inspiration.Β 

I have now made it my life's mission to improve the lives of young people through The Disabled to Enabled podcast, through the Enabled Warriors' Facebook group and my ENabled Warriors Etsy store.
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